About Me

I have PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Rockefeller University in NYC, New York, a world renowned university focused on the biomedical sciences [with over 20 Nobel Prize laureates associated with it]. After important and influential research in a top immunology lab, I finished my studies with publications in major journals that have been cited several times as the basis of new research.

Next came many productive years as a successful drug development scientist at a biotech company developing a drug against cancer and chronic wounds, work which resulted in $2.45 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health [NIH], publications, and several patents.

Throughout the years, I have volunteered to help people affected by cancer understand treatments and possibilities in person. This website is an effort to help more people by going online. See for example the page entitled A 2008 Research Note to a Friend on Renal Cancer in the Menu above.